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Holmdel Park Engagement Session, NJ | Brielle + Justin

Their love story: Brielle and Justin met in high school when she was a freshman and he was a junior. Though they had the gym class together, Justin decided to pick on Brielle's hair cut via text message to her... luckily for them, it turned into a relationship that neither of them were expecting. As they grew up and Justin went off to college, they found themselves going separate ways until they reconnected 8 years later!

They enjoy watching and rewatching the Office with a nice glass of wine or a Miller Light, playing Mario Party, and going for walks in the park near the apartment together. I love that they just love being around each other!

Right now they want to remember the amount of excitement and love they are feeling throughout their engagement - Which I LOVED capturing! <3




I'm Brenna, a photographer based in New Jersey. I'm so happy you stopped by the blog! Enjoy some of my most recent work along with some of my favorite moments with my clients and friends! :) 

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