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Engagement Session, Fredericksburg VA | Xan + Ray

In November I ventured down to Fredericksburg Virginia for one of my 2022 wedding couple's engagement session! Xan and Ray recently made the move from Jersey to Virginia in the beginning of the pandemic (which is wild to think it's about to be 2 years since it began.) These two are the sweetest people in the world and they had so many cute ideas/things to include in their session. My favoriteeee photos have to be the ones of them with their books because they share a love for reading - ugh love!!!

their love story

Xan and Ray met on tinder! Xan shared with me, "It was strange because we lived about an hour away from each other and had both set our distance limits much shorter, so we figure we must have been in the same area one day! He had a picture on his account with the most AMAZING smile I've ever seen. We both had a lot of similar interests in our bios, but most importantly, we both mentioned a love of books, specifically Brandon Sanderson books. We started talking because of that interest and now here we are! He will mention to anyone who hears our "how we met" story that it took a long time for us to actually meet irl....because I am literally the worst at responding to texts/messages. Hahaha! But we got there eventually!"

how he asked

"We moved down to VA from NJ riiiggghhttt at the start of the pandemic (we found the apt and signed our lease right before COVID cases started appearing in the US). And for our first anniversary, we decided to brave the outdoors (we took quarantine very seriously due to my asthma), and go on a hike at a nearby park. I happened to snap a pic of us resting on a bench with flowers behind us. That picture is super important to us because I posted it to the Cosmere subreddit (a book series that we love and that ties into how we met) and the author commented on it! We were blown away! So last summer for our anniversary, Ray took me on a picnic to that same park. I was booking it through the hike (girl was hungry!) and he asked me to slow down and take a break at a bench. I realized it was the bench we took our previous anniversary picture on and snapped another for nostalgia. We then started talking about the future (I was at the time questioning my career), and eventually I just said that "As long as I have you, I'll be happy.". He then got down on one knee and I have absolutely no idea what he said and couldn't see the ring because I immediately started sobbing and just saying yes hahahahaha"

xan and ray

I loveddd coming down to Fredericksburg and spending the evening with you guys! It was so special being able to capture your engagement photos in the same location Ray proposed! You two were such naturals in front of the camera and your love for each other shines in these photos. I had such a fun time hanging out with you and grabbing dinner after our session :) I cannot wait for your wedding at Jack's Barn this November yayayyyy!! <3




I'm Brenna, a photographer based in New Jersey. I'm so happy you stopped by the blog! Enjoy some of my most recent work along with some of my favorite moments with my clients and friends! :) 

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