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TESU Class of 2021 | Nursing Grads

This group of ladies killlled it during their graduation session with me!! Each of them were so unique and full of laughter which made it even more fun to capture them and who they are. We shot mostly at their nursing building, but later on ventured towards the water and it was such a perfect little area for more photos. I was superrrr happy when they reached out for individual+group grad photos because I don't get many of these types of sessions and I LOVE capturing big life events like this!

Sarah, Gisselle, Gianna, Jessica, and Ali

Congrats on a successful year of getting through nursing school during a freakin' pandemic! Though this day was probably theeee coldest in April, I had such a blast with all of you and loved capturing you with your creative ideas and accessories! I loved learning about all of you and can't wait to see/hear about how much of an impact you make on people's lives in your field. <3




I'm Brenna, a photographer based in New Jersey. I'm so happy you stopped by the blog! Enjoy some of my most recent work along with some of my favorite moments with my clients and friends! :) 

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